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SAVE THE DATE for the Second Annual “Be The One” Gala

April 29th, 2023 at Santa Rosa Golf and Country Club.

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We are  counting on YOU to help provide a Covid-safe environment for all to celebrate in during the Gala! CGS serves a vulnerable population and desires to protect everyone who attends the Gala. Sonoma County Health Services requirements will be followed on the day of the event. We strongly recommend that guests take a Covid test, regardless of vaccination status, up to 48 hours prior to the event. If you test positive, even if asymptomatic, OR have any symptoms of illness including cough, fever, sore throat or body aches we request you stay home, and we will refund your ticket price. Free Covid test kits may be ordered on this government link: Guests are welcome to bring masks and encouraged to wear them when not eating or drinking.  Let’s all do our part to keep one another safe and enjoy the company of those who are passionate about supporting individuals with disabilities/medical complexities and their families!

White writing on blue background that reads HELLO.BELONGING.

Our mission is to share the stories of our lives to educate and empower our community to be more compassionate, accepting, and inclusive of people with disabilities. Common Ground Society ensures that all families feel a sense of belonging through meaningful connections and local support.

This mission is impactful and imperative for our communities as a whole. We always say, “You don’t know what you don’t know, until you know– so let’s learn together!”

What makes CGS unique is that we provide support to families who receive any life changing diagnosis for their child. Our group of over 500 members has varying diagnoses from common diagnoses like Down Syndrome, Autism, and birth complications to more rare diagnoses like Cornelia De Lange and Fragile X Syndrome. There is no specific diagnosis a person must have in order to belong, all are welcome here. This is special because often families who have more rare diagnosis are left feeling isolated with little to no local resources, this is where we come in. CGS offers a community for all families so no one is left feeling scared and alone.

We believe inclusion cannot happen without also supporting the community around our disabled friends. CGS has educated thousands of members of our community through presentations to schools, colleges, medical facilities, and various other community groups.


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