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April 27th, 2024


cCommon Ground Society™ (CGS) became a registered 501(c)(3) in 2020. We have earned numerous awards for our presentations and community support such as: Sonoma County Hometown Hero Award, the Santa Rosa City Merit Award, 4 C's Champion for Children, Press Democrat/Comcast Spirit of the North Bay award to name a few. Our mission is to share the stories of our lives to empower our community to be more compassionate, accepting, and inclusive of people with disabilities. CGS ensures that all families feel a sense of belonging through meaningful connections and local support. What makes CGS unique is that we provide support to families who receive any life changing diagnosis for their child. Our group of over 700 members has a wide variety of diagnoses ranging from one-of-a-kind to more common diagnoses. There is no specific diagnosis a person must have in order to belong; all are welcome here. Often families who have a child with rare diagnoses, or any sort of diagnosis, are left feeling isolated with little to no local resources, this is where we come in. CGS offers a community for all, so no family is left feeling scared and alone. We believe inclusion cannot happen without also supporting the community around our disabled friends. CGS has educated thousands of community members through presentations to schools, colleges, medical facilities, and various other local groups.

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