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We serve families who have loved ones with any sort of unique need while also educating our community on how to be inclusive.

Starts with HELLO, ends with BELONGING.

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What makes CGS unique is that we provide support to families who receive any  life changing diagnosis for their child. Our group of over 500 members has varying diagnoses from common diagnoses like Down Syndrome, Autism, and birth complications to more rare diagnoses like Cornelia De Lange and Fragile X Syndrome. There is no specific diagnosis a person must have in order to belong, all are welcome here. This is special because often families who have more rare diagnosis are left feeling isolated with little to no local resources, this is where we come in. CGS offers a community for all families so no one is left feeling scared and alone.


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Having a child who has a disability, unique need, or any different path from a typical experience, is hard to navigate. Stay connected, find community of friends who get it. Find support through connections, volunteering, and learning together. You are not alone.

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Our Presentations cater to EVERYONE: Elementary, Middle, High School, College Level & Community Presentations. We customize presentations to fit your needs and population. Learn how to be more compassionate, accepting, and inclusive of people with disabilities.

Support & Resources

At Common Ground Society™, we believe in sharing support & resources. Read more about our family support, group meetups, teacher support and local activities. Come find your community of families through connections, volunteering, and learning together.

Reach Out To See What CGS Offers!

We want to support YOU and your family.  Let us know if your child was just born with a diagnosis or  recently diagnosed.  We come to you with a CGS welcome to our family tote! Click here for more information.

We know.  It can be overwhelming.  We have a very extensive resource file.  Check it out!

Let us come to your school or community event to discuss inclusion.  See more on how we can custom create the perfect presentation for you.

Someone who pledges to Be The One pushes past feelings of discomfort and fear to say hello and get to know someone they perceive as different. They invite others to join in and offer their help if it’s needed. They recognize the inherent value that every individual possesses and find joy in discovering the strength in our diversity. Even if no one else is, you can pledge to Be The One!

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