We currently offer three unique assemblies that are focused on starting the conversation about disability, acknowledging our fears surrounding people who are different and providing students with practical tools to grow their inclusive “muscles”. We discuss visible and invisible disabilities and share pictures, funny stories, and information about our kids as a way to invite students into our lives. We read books full of characters who are kids just like them, but who also have a diagnosis or challenge that makes them a little “different”. We emphasize that we all have strengths and weaknesses, and that the key to inclusion is pushing past the initial fear we all experience when we encounter someone perceived as “different” by finding what we have in common . We encourage students to be brave and simply start by saying “hi.” We empower them to “Be the One™,” even if no one else is.


Safe Space Questions

We recognize there is much fear surrounding the topic of disability- for children and adults! Afraid we will say the wrong thing or offend someone, most of us just avoid the subject- or person- altogether. We want to change that. After each assembly, we visit individual classrooms to allow students a safe space to ask questions. This is hands down our favorite portion of the assembly. We are constantly blown away by the insight and vulnerability of the students’ questions, and their eagerness to share personal stories and connect with us and our children!

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After each assembly we provide suggested activities to further your students learning. We hope, by putting students in the shoes of those who are different from them, they may gain empathy and understanding.

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