Middle and High School

“Be the one, even when no one else is and no one is watching.”

~Just Two Moms

Picture of Jessica and Larkin during a classroom presentation
Middle School

We have developed a model for middle schools that allows for more small group time to ask questions and connect. We have found discussions with students this age to be rich and very impactful. Services we provide include a presentation centered on visible and invisible disabilities and what inclusion looks like, a recommended schedule, suggested hands-on activities, and a “safe space” q & a time. Send us a message to find out how we can tailor our presentation for your school!

Larkin and Melissa after their presentation at Maria Carrillo pointing to a sign that reads "be the change you wish to see in the world"
High School Presentations

We have several options for high school including whole school assembly and smaller group presentations. Send us a message so we can personalize your experience to make it meaningful for your students!