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You’ve found your community. 

When you have a child who has a disability, special needs or any sort of different path from the typical experience, it can be hard to navigate alone.  Join our local Sonoma County Facebook group and subscribe to our emails to stay connected, learn about resources and find a community of friends who get it. You are not alone. 

We are currently doing our meet ups outside, social distanced following COVID safety guidelines!  

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It starts with HELLO, ends with BELONGING.

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Join our local Sonoma County Facebook group of highly engaged parents. This group is a great way to  connect with families in our area. 
Whether your child has a common or a more rare diagnosis, you are welcome will find support here. 

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Our Community

We believe strongly in community. It is how we are hard-wired as human beings, and we have found that as special needs parents it is a life-line. For the past couple years we have been connecting families together who have children with varying diagnoses because- let’s be honest- unless your child has a more common diagnosis, there’s likely not an established support group for you locally. While special needs parents share many of the same worries, hopes, fears, and ambitions for their children as parents of typically developing children do, the work we do is more. The road we travel is less forgiving. The uncertainties we face are innumerable. And having people alongside us who get it is invaluable.

A lot has changed in our world since we started our Common Ground Meet-ups. Pre-Covid we met monthly for “donuts and discussion”, which was a time just for parents to connect and recharge over amazing coffee and gourmet donuts. We also had monthly Meet-ups/playdates at various parks around Santa Rosa, and most recently at the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County. We hope to get back at it soon. For now you can stay connected virtually by joining our Sonoma County Special Needs Parents- ALL WELCOME!- Let’s continue to support and uplift one another through this extremely trying time.