Monthly conversations creating connections for teens & adults with disabilities to support mental, physical and emotional wellness.  Speaker Series is BACK!

We are excited to announce that our Speaker Series has plans to include teens and adults. We have altered the program to encourage more connections between the teens and the adults. Accompanied participants will be granted autonomy to engage in the program while their caregivers gather in a separate space. The program will be split into two parts: the speaker will introduce themselves in the first half and the remainder of the time will be reserved for socializing with the speaker and other participants. This is a great time to create connections and ask the speaker any followup questions. The featured speaker will also be available to answer any caregiver questions after the session.

We love to hear from our community! What would you as a participant like to learn about or do for an activity? Here are some examples that we have done in the past or are planning to do:

  • Social Media do's and don'ts
  • Create a succulent pot
  • Rock Painting
  • Basic first aid, emergency training
  • Baking Class
  • Self Care!


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