“One dad was so kind to let August play with his son’s cars and explained to his son to push the cars back and forth with him even when August said nothing when asked and ran back to the slide. He talked his son through August wanting to hug him over and over again, as I gave my usual apologetic look. But boy,  does this feel better than the moments I want to cry at the park because parents pull their children away from August when he wants to hug them, your child says no, and August laughs or parents get really angry when he does the opposite and pushes them because he does not understand the variance of emotion.” 

~Harmony  Harvell~


Larkin and Jessica presenting to 40+ Special Education directors
Picture of presentation with Speech therapists in Sonoma County after a presentation.

Gaining perspective is how we grow. As moms of kids with special needs, we share the stories of our lives to help our community gain a better understanding of what it's like to live a day in the life of our shoes.

We create a safe space for community members to ask questions and learn how to create an inclusive place for all.