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Curb-Cutouts: This simple modification that allows access to people in wheelchairs, in turn helps so many others. It is just the same with education. A modification that could help a child with an intellectual disability could easily help a typically developing child.

We all learn in different ways, so why wouldn’t we want to try and accommodate all those different learning styles? “

– Larkin O’Leary

Teacher Moms Teaching Teachers

We offer a variety of options for college classes. We are flexible and willing to work with you to give your students the best possible experience.

Larkin and Harmony offer the perspective from passionate teachers. Teachers who loved all their students but sadly thought. “Those kids, who needed more than we thought we could provide, belonged in a different class.” After their children were born with unique needs (Larkin’s son, born with Down syndrome and Harmony’s son born with Autism), their perspective changed. They now advocate for the inclusion of all kids and offer advice and ideas of how to make that happen.

Three women
Jessica and Larkin after a presentation at SSU

Jessica was an aide in a special education classroom. She realizes now that despite her love for her students, she still viewed them as “other”. She was the helper, they were the “helpee”. It wasn’t until her daughter was born with Down syndrome that she realized that she was in fact the one who was broken, who needed to change.

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